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Deep River Friends: A Valiant People

Deep River Friends: A Valiant People

SKU: 978-0-942585-00-1

Discover the inspiring story of Deep River Friends Meeting in this revised and updated edition of Cecil E. Haworth’s book, first published in 1985. You’ll follow in the footsteps of the Quaker pioneers who journeyed to Carolina and settled in the “forks” of Deep River, seeking freedom to worship and to build a good life through hard work and caring for others in their community. Coming from rural areas around Philadelphia, Nantucket, and eastern Carolina, they brought Quaker membership “certificates” from home meetings and united to form Deep River Friends Meeting in 1753. It is a testament to their strength and dedication that the meeting continues to be a vital asset to its community after more than two hundred and fifty years.


Available in paperback.

  • Author

    Cecil E. Haworth 

  • Genre

    Non-fiction, History

  • Publication Date


  • Publisher

    North Carolina Friends Historical Society, Friends Church of North Carolina, Deep River Friends Meeting

  • Print Length

    179 pages

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