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Friends Campus Ministries

Who We Are

Friends Campus Ministries (FCM) consists of a group of college students who meet regularly to build F/friendships that are based on Christian and Quaker principles. Together, we learn how to incorporate Quaker values like peace, integrity, equality, and service into everyday college life. Whether students are Quaker or non-Quaker, we provide them with the tools needed for a life of deeper meaning, purpose, and belonging, as well as skills to tell others about the Gospel and Quakerism.


We meet each week during Fall and Spring semesters and invite students to join us anytime. Most of the Bible studies are student-led and each member of the group is given an opportunity to lead one week. This way, students who wish to build leadership skills can do so in a safe, loving, and trusting environment.


We have a board that selects two college interns who are paid to serve as leaders/coordinators for Bible studies and administrative duties. Internships are awarded to applicants based on leadership capabilities and career aspirations in Christian ministry. The length of each internship is individually-based, depending on a student’s tenure.

If you are a college student, or family member of one, and are interested in learning more about what FCM has to offer, please reach out to us! Whether you grew up in a Quaker meeting or are new to Quakers, we invite you to be part of this ministry.

For more information, please contact Campus Coordinator, Beulah Gullion.

Our Mission

Through fellowship and Bible study, we strive to enrich the lives of students and equip them with Christian ministerial and leadership skills to positively impact communities upon graduation.

Local Efforts

We currently have multiple programs for any students who attend college classes in the Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington and Appalachian(Boone) area and are pursuing opportunities in the Charlotte and Asheville Areas (stay tuned). We are in the process of building additional college networks based on where the need is.


If you are a college student or know of any young adults who would like to become involved in Friends Campus Ministries in these and/or other areas across the state, please contact Carrie Ritter.

Our Resources

All materials are provided by Friends Church of North Carolina. You can help by donating Bible study books, current music, and sponsorships. You can sponsor a night by giving $200 for a speaker, food, and materials by donating here (button?).

Our Impact

Here is what some of our students are saying about their experiences:


"Being a part of FCM has been an aid for continuing in my faith amidst a busy college schedule. Our weekly meetings seek to foster a growing relationship with God through fellowship and thoughtful consideration of his word.”  - Dylan Misenheimer (intern from Randleman Friends Meeting)


“FCM has not only provided me with the opportunity to gain leadership experience, but also a much needed night every week of fellowship and worship with friends.” -John Andrews (intern from Archdale Friends Meeting)


Quotes from Other Students

“FCM reminds me each week that God is more important than school and helps me keep things in perspective.”


“FCM helped me stay in touch with the Quaker church even when being away from my home church, and allowed me to ease into continuing to stay active in church even when going to college.”

“I get to meet with friends I have known before college and it makes for a comfortable and relatable environment.”

Our Board

  • Eric Morrison, Chair

  • Paul Routh

  • David Robinette, Jr.

  • Rita Mintmier

  • Hugh Spaulding

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