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VBS and Quaker Life Camp

Workers from FCNC began going to Jamaica in 1982 to provide a week of Vacation Bible School (VBS). Over the years, most of the Jamaicans are now capable of providing VBS for their Meeting. The curriculum is still provided to the monthly meetings and workers are provided by FCNC to a few monthly meetings as needed. Craft and music materials are provided by FCNC in addition to refreshments and snacks.


Quaker Life Camp, which is patterned after Quaker Lake Camp, began in 2018. The Camp is held at the Swift-Purscell Boys Home in Highgate.  Youth Counselors, cooking staff, and security is provided by Jamaicans. Instructors, nurses and camp management is provided by FCNC. Camp begins each day with early morning exercises. Vacation Bible School is held in the mornings for the different age groups, educational programs and games are in the afternoons, and movies, music, shows and bonfires are held in the evenings. The dates for the 2019 Quaker Life Camp are July 14 – 27. 

Leadership and Pastor Development

Numerous pastors and other leaders from FCNC went to Jamaica from 2010 until 2014 to give lectures, seminars and conduct workshops for Jamaica pastors and other leaders. In 2014, eleven pastors had their spiritual gifts recorded as Ministers of the Gospel. The project is continuing with training sessions provided by FCNC and upon request by the Jamaica Yearly Meeting for specific needs.

Pastor/Monthly Meeting Support Project

This project is in its second year whereby 11 FCNC monthly meetings have been paired with eleven Jamaica monthly meetings. The meetings communicate with each other on a regular basis to inform each other of special events as well as needs for prayer; they pray regularly for each other. They also exchange photos of activities, families and individuals. The FCNC monthly meetings provide financial support in the amount of $50 per month to help with utility bills and transportation expenses of the pastor. The small amount of support is a tremendous help to the Jamaica meetings.

Infrastructure Improvements

Improvement to Jamaica infrastructure began in 2014. One new meetinghouse has been constructed at Friendstown and other improvements have been made at Amity Hall, Dover, Highgate and Belfield Friends. Remaining work is needed at Snow Hill, Cascade, Belfield, Dover, and Top Moro Friends. Work trips are scheduled in the fall and winter.


If you would like to know how you can participate, please contact Brent McKinney.

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