Young Friends

During the year we have two Youth gatherings, the Spring Retreat(G1) and a Fall Event(G3).  The Spring retreat is typically an outside location like the mountains or beach.   The Fall event is usually at Quaker Lake Camp.  We do not currently have summer retreats because of the importance of family time; as well as the chance for each of our youth to attend Quaker Lake Camp summer camp sessions. 

Our Fall Event will be November 12 - 14, 2021!  See below for registration forms and promo!


Reignite Youth Faith:

Young Friends Fall Retreat

November 12th-14th

@ Quaker Lake Camp

Early Sign up ends September 12th ($40)

Final Deadline Oct 31st ($50)

Full Paper version of the promo registration form and rules. 

Registration form and Rules only

Promo Page only

Form?  Can I just sign up online?  YEP!  RIGHT HERE!

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The online permission form page for Urban Air Park in Winston Salem?  Here