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Friends "at the Spring": A History of Spring Monthly Meeting

Friends "at the Spring": A History of Spring Monthly Meeting

SKU: 978-0-692-41835-2

Explore the fascinating story of Spring Friends Meeting in this updated edition of Algie I. Newlin’s book, first published in 1984. One of the oldest meetings in Piedmont North Carolina, Spring Meeting has a rich history that spans more than 250 years. Founded by Quakers migrating south from Pennsylvania and other states, the meeting took its name from the words of an itinerant minister who referred to it as the meeting “by the spring.” By 1761, Spring Meeting had established a meeting. Through the pages of this book, readers will trace the meeting’s days from its founding, through mass Quaker migrations and dwindling membership, through world wars and conflicts at home, until the dawn of the 21st century.


Available in paperback.

  • Author

    Algie I. Newlin

  • Genre

    Non-fiction, History

  • Publication Date


  • Publisher

    NC Friends Historical Society, Friends Church of North Carolina, Spring Friends Meeting

  • Print Length

    267 pages

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