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The Battle of Lindley's Mill

The Battle of Lindley's Mill

SKU: 978-0942727333

Newlin has written that the opposing leaders of the Battle of Lindley’s Mill were well-matched. Colonel David Fanning headed a Loyalist regiment, and General John Butler was the commander of the Whigs. The bloody struggle, which took place six months after the Battle of Guilford Court House, was almost entirely a civil war between Whigs and Tories for control of North Carolina because no one engaged in the hard-fought conflict could have imagined that within a month Lord Cornwallis would surrender his army at Yorktown.


Available in paperback.

  • Author

    Algie I. Newlin

  • Genre

    Non-fiction, History

  • Publication Date


  • Publisher

    NC Friends Historical Society, Friends Church of North Carolina

  • Print Length

    55 pages

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