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Social Media Team

(Also known as CommTech Committee)

Please see the following files and videos about our Team.

We hope you can use them as you need to develop  your own social media skills and an understanding of what we are focused to bring to each of our Meetings.  

Social Media - Videos & Training Page  -   This page was taught by Sarah Best and includes PowerPoints that were used to train and develop better Facebook and website skills.

CommTech - Mission & Vision - We passed these out at our Annual Sessions but in case you lost yours or needed another copy please refer to these. 


Also, if we have any FAQs we will add them here based on your input.

Please feel free to email us.

Video From our Social Media Coordinator (Jenny Gullion) about CommTech 

Check our video series below -


1. Facebook basics and  what it can do for you!

Please add us on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Link

Instagram Link

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