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Administrative Handbook

The current version that we adopted from NCYM (until we edit and approve 

the new handbook) is at the bottom of this page

Rough Draft Version

The following is the current rough draft that we need you to view and send your comments, edits and suggestions to Brenda or Judy to help them get a final version to be approved.

(You can email Brenda at the Email address at


Current Version

The purpose of this Handbook is to outline the organizational structure, the responsibilities of the various boards and committees, and the objectives and procedures of the Yearly Meeting.

  1. Purpose

  2. Administrative Handbook Maintenance Procedures

  3. Personnel Policies and Procedures

  4. Committee Procedures

  5. Financial Policies and Procedures (last 3 pages – Pastoral Evaluation Form)

  6. North Carolina Properties – Policies and Procedures

  7. NCYM Organizational Chart

  8. Yearly Meeting Staff

  9. Yearly Meeting Composition

  10. Representative Body

  11. Ministry and Council

  12. Commissions and Committees

  13. Administrative Boards and Committees

  14. Committees for Meeting Services

  15. Related Organizations

  16. Cooperating Organizations

  17. Affiliated Organizations 

  18. Appointments required of Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Meeting

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