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Ways to support Ukraine

See the Letter below from FUM Secretary Kelly Kellam

FUM is not involved in the region. Timothy Snyder is one of the leading historians of the region and works in the Ukraine…you will often see him on CNN, FOX, MSNBC and other places providing analysis of the region. He also happens to be the son of faithful members of Wilmington YM. These are his recommendations:

Hi Friends,

This list of ways to help comes from Christine Snyder, via her son, Timothy.

1. Ukrainian reporters are, directly or indirectly, our main source of information about this war. Many of them are at work now at risk to themselves without salaries and proper protective gear. A fund that will direct support and equipment to journalists taking risks in Ukraine is 2402. Have a look.

2. For Americans who want a tax deduction, Razom remains a good bet. This is a volunteer organization that will make good judgements about partners for humanitarian assistance. Donate to Razom here.

3. Hundreds of small Polish NGOs are assisting Ukrainian refugees now. One of them that deserves support is Homo Faber in Lublin, near where many Ukrainian refugees cross. You can help them with a bank transfer:

Name of recipient: Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber; Purpose: Ukraina; IBAN: PL 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000; SWIFT: AGRIPLPRXXX; Name of bank: Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA, ul. Legnicka 48, 54-202 Wrocław, Polska. If you are on PayPal you might also be able to reach them that way: PayPal Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber, ul. Chopina, 41, lok. 2, 20-023 Lublin, e-mail:

4. People have been using Airbnb as a way to transfer money to individual Ukrainians by booking rooms they do not intend to use. If you do this, make sure the phone number of your host has a 380 prefix (country code for Ukraine) and contact the host ahead of time. Airbnb as a company also enables people to help in another way, by offering lodging to Ukrainian refugees.

5. Canada has a large and well-organized Ukrainian diaspora, and its organizations are raising money for assistance to Ukraine. Here is the the appeal of the Canadian Red Cross.

6. To provide assistance to civilians in need, you can now donate directly by credit card to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

7. The Russian press blackout is shocking. I urge you, if you want to support Russian reporters, to fund Meduza, working from Riga.

PS: The interest in supporting the Ukrainian armed forces is consistent, so I repeat that information here.

The organization Come Back Alive concentrates on protective gear and other equipment for soldiers. You can donate using the information here.

Army SOS supplies medical equipment but also everything a soldier might need. You can donate in cryptocurrency following this link or make a bank transfer in dollars via: IBAN: UA203052990000026003016809842; SWIFT: PBANUA2XXXX; Bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK

You can contribute directly to the Ukrainian armed forces via credit card. If you prefer a bank transfer that information is here.


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